When was the first balance scale invented?

Answer The use of balance scales can be traced to Mesopotamia as early as 4000 B.C. though the exact date of their invention is unknown. Historians believe the early balance scales were derived from ox yo... Read More »

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Who invented the triple beam balance scale?

Reinhold A. Kopp of Chicago, Illinois, an assignor for W.M. Welch Manufacturing Company, filed an application for the Scale Beam invention on April 24, 1929. According to the description filed, th... Read More »

What is a balance scale used for?

A balance scale is a weight or mass measurement tool that is useful in multiple practices including banking, mail delivery and science. Its main function is to help determine value and costs of go... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Scale and Balance?

Two important tools for measurement are the scale and the balance. The scale measures weight relevant to the force of gravity while the balance is used to compare the mass of two different objects.

What is the definition of a balance scale?

A balance scale measures the weight of objects. There are two separate pans supported by a central base, and both objects are compared in weight to one another. The lightest item are suspended in t... Read More »