When was the first balance scale invented?

Answer The use of balance scales can be traced to Mesopotamia as early as 4000 B.C. though the exact date of their invention is unknown. Historians believe the early balance scales were derived from ox yo... Read More »

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Who invented the triple beam balance scale?

Reinhold A. Kopp of Chicago, Illinois, an assignor for W.M. Welch Manufacturing Company, filed an application for the Scale Beam invention on April 24, 1929. According to the description filed, th... Read More »

Who invented the first HO scale train?

According to the Train Collectors Society in the United Kingdom, the first HO train was created as a collaboration between British companies Basset-Lowke and Bing and was designed by Henry Greenly.... Read More »

Who invented the first bathroom scale?

The first scales came about in 4000 BC to weigh goods, such as spices. Leonardo da Vinci developed the first self-weighing scale around approximately 1500, but the idea did not truly catch on until... Read More »

Who invented the first balance beam?

German nationalist Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is considered the father of gymnastics. He invented the balance beam as well as the parallel bars, vaulting horse and horizontal bar. He started the first o... Read More »