When was the first back scratcher invented?

Answer Back scratchers have been around so long, no one can really say when they were invented. Even as far back as 1911, Encyclopaedia Britannica admitted little is known of the back scratcher's history.... Read More »

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How to Use a Back Scratcher?

A back scratcher comes in many forms. You can find wooden back scratchers, plastic ones, long ones, short ones, expandable ones and ones that have "fingers" like a hand. The best scratchers are the... Read More »

CDs were invented in the 80s. How many people actually used them back then?

i remember buying my first music cd around 1985 or so, and it was used to play music.

When were screw back earrings invented?

Screw backs, patented in 1894, came before clip backs which were patented in 1934. Although most screw backs were for non-pierced ears, a threaded screw back for pierced ears was also available.Ref... Read More »

What year were screw back earrings invented?

Although there is no document of the exact date, screw-back earrings were invented sometime during the early 20th century. This screw-back style gave women the option of not having to pierce their ... Read More »