When was the first baby car seat invented?

Answer The first child safety seat appeared in 1962 in England. The inventor was Jeans Ames. There were child seats in cars since the 1930s, but the purpose was more as a booster seat to raise the level o... Read More »

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When was baby food first invented?

Baby food was first created by Dorothy Gerber in 1927. She experimented with strained and pureed food to give to her 7-month-old daughter Sally. Dorothy's husband Dan brought the food to his fathe... Read More »

What direction should a baby car seat face when in the back seat of a car?

Who invented the first infant car seat?

The modern child safety seat was invented in the 1960s by Swedish professor Bertil Aldman of Chalmers University. He observed astronauts in the Gemini space capsule, and used that idea to help bett... Read More »

Who invented the first baby food?

Donald newwater III that's who so take that America