When was the first Game Boy made?

Answer Nintendo released the portable Game Boy video game system in 1989. More than 15 million Game Boy systems have been sold worldwide and three different versions were released until the 2005 release o... Read More »

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What is the name of the first arcade game considered first ever made?

The first arcade game ever produced was a game titled "Computer Space," which first appeared as a coin-op machine in 1971. "Computer Space" was designed by Nolan Bushnell, using technology develope... Read More »

Can you use SideWinder game pad for Madden PC?

The Microsoft SideWinder game pad for the PC is designed to interact with all PC games running on Windows 95. This game pad was not designed with a USB interface and does not support later games su... Read More »

How to Win Every Game on Madden 10?

Have you ever played Madden 10 online and just can't score or let alone move the ball? This guide will teach you how to move the ball efficiently every drive.

Who made the first video game system?

The first home video game system was the Magnavox Odyssey. It was invented by Ralph Baer, who completed a prototype in 1968. It was first sold in 1972. It had very simple graphics, but the games we... Read More »