When was the first Macintosh computer made?

Answer Apple introduced the Macintosh to the market on Jan 24, 1984, according to Low End Mac. The first Mac used a graphical user interface with square pixels instead of rectangles and required the use o... Read More »

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When was the first Macintosh computer introduced?

Apple Computer released the first Macintosh in January of 1984. The first Mac featured an 8 MHz processor, a 9-inch monochrome monitor, 128 KB of RAM, and the graphical user interface for which the... Read More »

Who created the first Macintosh computer?

Jef Raskin created the first Macintosh computer for Apple in 1980 as a response to a computer design issue. He believed future computers needed to be designed from the user interface out, to make t... Read More »

Who founded the Macintosh computer?

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1976, and Jef Raskin was an Apple computer interface expert who pioneered the Macintosh computer. Apple was incorporated in 1977 and is based in Cupert... Read More »

When will Macintosh computer have blue ray DVD?

Its all an issue over blue and red laser technology---blue laser (blue Ray DVDs) are expensive to make and take a drastic turn from standard DVD manufacture (Sony has 4-layer capability up to 20 gi... Read More »