In What Year Was the First Harley Davidson Softail Built?

Answer Harley-Davidson's motorcycles are known for their nostalgic appearance. Prior to 1984, the majority of Harley-Davidson's that had a rear suspension used a twin rear shock absorber setup. That would... Read More »

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When was the first Harley Davidson truck produced?

The Harley Davidson truck is a collaboration between Harley and Ford which first came out in 2000. Since the first release, there have been 14 different editions of the Ford Harley Davidson truck.R... Read More »

When do I change the oil in a Harley-Davidson?

If you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, the recommended oil-change interval is every 5,000 miles. However, if you frequently drive in extreme conditions, you may want to change the oil more often,... Read More »

Why dont Harley Davidson riders wave back if you are not riding a Harley and wave to them?

I have many Harley riders wave at me while riding our Yamaha so I dont have a problem with it.

How to Buy a Harley Davidson?

Purchasing a Harley Davidson can fulfill a lifelong dream for some people, but for others it is just adding to a large collection. Either way, knowing how to buy a Harley Davidson can be confusing ... Read More »