When was the first Converse created?

Answer The Converse Rubber Shoe Co. was started in 1908 to sell winterized rubber-soled shoes. The company produced an athletic shoe for tennis in 1915, and introduced the first basketball sneaker, the Co... Read More »

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When were the first converse made?

In 1908, Marquis Mills Converse opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Within two years, the company was producing 4,000 shoes every day. In 1917, the Converse All Star, the world's first perform... Read More »

When was the first contraceptive created?

In 1960, the modern birth control pill appeared on the scene. However, condoms, rhythm methods, male withdrawal, coatings over the cervix, douching after intercourse and intrauterine devices have b... Read More »

When was Tinkerbell first created?

Tinkerbell was first created by Scottish author J.M. Barrie in 1904 for the play "Peter Pan." The story was turned into a novel in 1911, a silent movie in 1924 and in 1953 Disney brought Tinkerbell... Read More »

When was the first dollar created?

The dollar was introduced as a result of the Mint Act of 1792, which established a uniform decimal coinage that would be recognized across the United States. It went into production in 1794.Referen... Read More »