When was the first American pub built?

Answer you say malah layli

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Who built the American air force one?

Air Force engineers worked along side with Boeing to create them.Who invented the Jet engine and jet powerd flight to make all future jet flight possible? ;)

Why are most american houses built out of wood?

You've seen diff pics than I.Neither brick, brick veneer or wood construction is much of a match for a hit from even the weakest tornado...

Who built the first american made wooden clock?

Although many clock makers were making clocks that contained wood pieces, Benjamin Banneker is credited with creation of the first American-made wooden clock. Banneker, also America's first African... Read More »

American Upright Pianos Built in the Early 1900s?

The early 1900s were the heyday of pianos and piano manufacturing in America. Around 1850, only about 50,000 pianos were manufactured worldwide. By 1900, more than 170,000 pianos were manufactured ... Read More »