What film(s) made you cry the most and still make you cry when you see them again?

Answer Bambi : (

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How camera film made?

First they make the emulsion, which contains the silver halides that capture the image. They mix silver halides, gelatin and various dyes and "other chemicals" to produce an emulsion that will capt... Read More »

Has a film ever made u cry?

I cried for many hours when I watched "Ghosts of Mars" by G.Carpenter and "It" by S.King & T. Lee Wallace. I m still crying cuz I want my money back...

How is camera film made?

Photographic camera film is a chemically reactive material that is sensitive to light. The various reactions to light are what create images on the film after processing. Photographic film has two ... Read More »

Was Don Quixote made into a film?

Yes. It starred Jon Lithgow and Bob Hoskins as the eponymous Don and Sancho Panza respectively.