How much electric current does each of these items need a colour television b vacuum cleaner c stove element d toaster e electric clock?

Answer Because it is made up of iron and steel!

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Should aluminum foil be used in electric toaster ovens?

it doesn't its a reaction of the cold air in your freezer hitting the warmer air of your house

Who invented the first GE toaster?

In July 1909, General Electric announced their first toaster known as the D-12, which was invented by General Electric employee Frank Shailor. The D-12 toaster is considered the first successful to... Read More »

Who invented the pop-up toaster?

An American, Charles P. Strite, invented the first pop-up toaster on May 29, 1919. He later had it patented in October 1921. Strite did not like the burned toast his company served, which was the r... Read More »

Who invented toaster strudels ?