When was the electric keyboard invented?

Answer An electronic keyboard instrument known as a Clavioline was invented in France in 1947 by Constant Martin according to the Power House Museum. Within a few years its manufacture was licensed to nu... Read More »

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Who invented the electric keyboard?

The earliest generation of the electric keyboard, the "Musical Telegraph," was invented by Elisha Gray in 1876. Other inventors, including William Duddel, later contributed to the final product as ... Read More »

The History of the Electric Keyboard?

Electric keyboards are a vital part of modern music. While popular music is probably the first one that comes to mind, there have been artists who explore electronic music in a classical format usi... Read More »

Can you use an electric keyboard in country music?

Yes. Electric keyboards have become an important part of country music. George Strait, who has had over 50 number-one hits, employs two keyboard players. Garth Brooks' smash "Rodeo" features a keyb... Read More »

Who invented the electronic keyboard?

The first electric keyboard was the Moog synthesizer, which was invented in 1964 by Robert Moog, a graduate student of physics at Cornell University. While synthesizers had been around for a decade... Read More »