When was the electric clothes dryer invented?

Answer The electric clothes dryer was invented in 1915. This dryer had a rotating drum and a sensor that could tell when the clothes were dry. The basic technology of the electric dryer has not changed mu... Read More »

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Can an electric clothes dryer be convert to a gas dryer?

no..they are laid out differant internaly..sorry actually, you can do it, just replace the electric heater with gas burner, but you must replace it with the same type

How to Open an Electric Clothes Dryer?

Although there is no universal process for opening all dryers, most dryers open in similar ways. The best way to access the parts inside your dryer is to open the cabinet. The top panel usually rai... Read More »

How to Vent an Electric Clothes Dryer Without Outside Access?

If you live in an apartment or duplex, or any other home without outside access for venting your clothes dryer, indoor venting can be fairly simple as long as the venting system is properly install... Read More »

What receptacle does an electric clothes dryer require?

Most modern clothes dryers require a 220-volt electrical receptacle for power. In the United States, some older homes may not have the necessary outlet. A qualified electrician can assist you in up... Read More »