When was the electric can opener invented?

Answer The electric can opener was invented in 1931. It has gone through many changes and variations, from wall mounted to freestanding, as well as a model built into the cabinetry. Magnets are sometimes ... Read More »

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When was the first wine bottle opener invented?

Wine has been around for thousands of years but the process of using a cork to stop up the bottle has only been in practice a few hundred years. Samuel Henshal patented the first corkscrew in Birmi... Read More »

When was the electric saw invented?

The electric saw was invented in 1921 by Frenchman Edmond Michel. Michel attached a motor to a modified handsaw to increase the efficiency of New Orleans field hands he observed harvesting sugar ca... Read More »

How do you install an electric door opener?

It depends, are you installing a gate opener, garage opener or a opener for a house door? What make and model is it, where is it being located, what will it need for power, what will it need for s... Read More »

When was the electric keyboard invented?

An electronic keyboard instrument known as a Clavioline was invented in France in 1947 by Constant Martin according to the Power House Museum. Within a few years its manufacture was licensed to nu... Read More »