When was the digital watch invented?

Answer Although the first battery-powered watch came on the market in 1957, the very first digital watch was introduced in 1972 by the Hamilton Watch Co. The watch displayed the time in red numbers when t... Read More »

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Who designed the digital watch?

The first digital watch was designed by Willy Crabtree and George Thiess, employees of Electro-Data, Inc. The design was introduced by the Hamilton Watch Company on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny... Read More »

How to Set Your Digital Watch to February 29?

Ever get frustrated that your watch doesn't recognize February 29th? Your watch has no way of knowing it is a leap year and skips from February 28th to March 1st. There's a quick way to set your di... Read More »

When was the first digital watch made?

The first electronic digital watch was introduced in 1970. Called the Pulsar, it was made by Electro/Data, Inc. and the Hamilton Watch Company. The Pulsar was made available to the public in 1971 a... Read More »

How to Tell Which Way Is North Using a Digital Watch?

When in the northern hemisphere, you can use the north star to get an accurate guage of where North is at night, but how about the day? Well, as long as you have a watch at your disposal and a litt... Read More »