When was the diabetic phone made?

Answer The "diabetes phone," a combination cell phone and blood glucose meter, was introduced by Korean-based health care company HealthPia in 2003. It was approved for sale in the United States by Health... Read More »

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When was the first phone made?

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, in Boston, Massachusetts and was first patented on March 7, 1876. The first telephone was made by Thomas Watson, in 1876, from acid, cop... Read More »

When was the first cell phone made?

The concept of a phone based on a cellular system was developed in 1947. However, because of limited technology, phone companies were unable to immediately put these ideas into practice. After yea... Read More »

When in the 1990s was the first flip phone made?

Motorola made the first flip, or clamshell, phone in 1996. The StarTAC, called a wearable cellular telephone, was also the smallest and lightest of its time, weighing 3.1 ounces.References:Retro Br... Read More »

Can a diabetic person eat foods made with splenda?

A person with diabetes can eat foods made with Splenda artificial sweetener (sucralose). Splenda is considered a free food by the American Diabetes Association, but the patient should also consider... Read More »