When was the contraceptive gel introduced?

Answer The original contraceptive gel, known as a pessary, came into popular use in the 19th century. It was used to block as many sperm as possible and kill those that did get through. A pessary was made... Read More »

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When was the first contraceptive created?

In 1960, the modern birth control pill appeared on the scene. However, condoms, rhythm methods, male withdrawal, coatings over the cervix, douching after intercourse and intrauterine devices have b... Read More »

When can you start the contraceptive pill?

On One Hand: Start Whenever You LikeWhile most women still think they can only start the birth control pill right after their period, it is actually possible to start taking the pill at any time of... Read More »

Is using contraceptive pills when you are pregnant safe for the feotus?

Answer You don't need to use them when you are pregnant because you won't get pregnant if you are already pregnant

When was BBC 2 introduced?

The BBC gave him a lifetime achievement award in 2006, which suggests he was 65 and they were expecting him to retire. That would make him 70ish now and that in my opinion, would be about right jud... Read More »