When was the computer scanner invented?

Answer Taiwan-based Microtek introduced the world's first 200 dpi black and white sheet-fed scanner in 1984. The company followed up with several more first-to-market scanners: a 300 dpi version in 1985, ... Read More »

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When was the bar code scanner invented?

Norman Joseph Woodland invented the first barcode scanner in 1952. It was the size of a desk and wrapped in black oilcloth, which kept the light out. The scanner used a 500-watt incandescent bulb, ... Read More »

What do I need to look for when buying a scanner for my computer?

First is the resolution the scanner can support. The higher the resolution, the better qualities of the scanned images.Second is scanning speed. The speed should not compromise quality.Third is the... Read More »

Norton scanner makes computer slow when scanning ?

This most likely indicates that Norton is using a majority of your CPU while it scans, leaving other programs very little CPU power.Norton has been known for that for several years as it is a prett... Read More »

Just got a new hp computer and when i went to install my old scanner it says i need windows 95 or 98?

Go to the hp website, and update the driver for your scanner. I'll try to find it for you:Here you go:…Try to download that update, and see if it works.Mak... Read More »