When was the composite bow invented?

Answer Composite bows, weapons made of multiple different materials laminated together with glue, are ancient in origin. The actual date of origin of these weapons is not known, but the earliest known exa... Read More »

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Difference Between Composite & Non Composite Bats?

For many years there were two types of baseball bats used in the United States, wooden and aluminum. However, composite bats have been commercially available since the mid-2000s and used primarily ... Read More »

Is there any difference in the actual cables themselves when it comes to Composite and Component?

There is a LITTLE DIFFERENCE....The Yellow cable is thicker to transmit VIDEO FREQUENCIES better than the Thin Red and White cables, which are designed for low frequency audio signals.....But the f... Read More »

What happens when you have both composite and s video plugged in at the same time?

In many circumstances, insertion of the s-video cable cuts off the associated composite output or input. That is one function of the alignment tab at the bottom,

Additional critical sources of loss that must be considered when implementing composite risk management include?