When was the combination lock invented?

Answer The combination lock was invented by an Arabian engineer and inventor named al-Jazari in the Middle Ages sometime before 1206. The first modern combination lock was patented by Linus Yale, Sr., and... Read More »

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Where was the combination lock invented?

The earliest record of the existence of the combination lock was in a Roman tomb in Athens, Greece. The device contained several dials instead of a keyhole. However, the combination lock was not pa... Read More »

How to Record the Combination Numbers on a Combination Lock with Modulo Encryption?

Lock with encrypted combinationRecord the combination lock numbers, encrypted, directly on the lock itself so that you can retrieve the combination for that lock without trying to remember where yo... Read More »

How do you change your screen lock combination if you forgot the original combination?

How to Determine the Combination of a Master Lock Sphero, When the Key is Available?

Did you buy a "Sphero" Master lock with keys, then forgot the combination? Many common solutions don't work because the "sphero" requires an accuracy of (+) or (-) 2.5. If you still have the keys, ... Read More »