When was the clarinet invented?

Answer The clarinet was invented in 1690 by Johann Christian Denner, according to the University of Florida College of Fine Arts. He was an inventor and instrument maker in Nuremberg, Germany who created ... Read More »

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Where was the bass clarinet invented?

A Belgian manufacturer of musical instruments named Adolphe Sax created the first bass clarinet in 1838 in Brussels, after studying at the Royal School of Singing. This became the basis of all mode... Read More »

When was the clarinet made?

Johann Denner, a German woodwind maker, is generally credited with developing the first clarinet in the late 1600s or early 1700s; the exact date is not known. A precursor to the clarinet, the chal... Read More »

Who invented the bullet train and when was it invented?

Japan's "Bullet Train" was developed by Dr. Hideo Shima (1901 - 1998). Dr. Shima began investigations in 1948 and in 1958 it was decided to go ahead with a new line which followed the Tokaido road... Read More »

When was the first earbuds invented and who invented it?

I know this sounds weird but where the speaker is suck on it and try using it again