When was the city of Berlin founded?

Answer Although the exact date of establishment of Berlin, Germany, is unknown; it is first mentioned in history in 1244. It is speculated that the city was established in the early 13th century along wi... Read More »

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Is berlin a primate city?

Berlin, Germany, is not a primate city. This mean Berlin is not by far the largest German city, as London is by far the largest British city. The historical separation between East and West Germany... Read More »

What was Germany's capital city before it became Berlin?

Facts about Germany lists the year 1871 as the founding of the German Reich. In the same year, the official Berlin website lists Berlin as becoming capital of the new German state. Berlin has remai... Read More »

Why is Berlin Germany's largest city?

With a population of 3.3 million and an area of 138,000 square miles, Berlin is Germany's largest city in both population and area. After London, it is the second largest city in the European Union... Read More »

How long did the Berlin Wall divide the city?

The Berlin Wall separated East and West Berlin for 38 years. Construction of the wall, which completely encircled West Berlin, began in 1961. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, amidst widespread protest... Read More »