When was the candlestick telephone invented?

Answer Alexander Graham Bell introduced the candlestick telephone, also called the "desk stand," in 1892. The candlestick phone was used until 1926 when the desk telephone, also introduced by Bell, replac... Read More »

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Who invented the candlestick telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the candlestick telephone in 1892. People used the candlestick telephone, also called the desk stand telephone, until 1926 when Bell invented the desk phone, also cal... Read More »

When was the candlestick phone invented?

Western Electric patented the candlestick phone in 1904. It made the telephone a portable option for use on a table or desk top. The candlestick phone style remained popular into the 1930s. The Eri... Read More »

When was the cordless telephone invented?

Teri Pall, a jazz musician, invented the first cordless phone in 1965. The cordless phone that Pall developed had only a 2-mile range, but it paved the way for cordless communication technology.Sou... Read More »

When A.G.Bell invented the telephone who did he ring?

That's elementary.. he rang Watson. (Not to confuse you with Sherlock Holmes' associate, Watson.)