When was the bbc first watched?

Answer M83- Midnight city

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First film you watched that made you love movies?

Marina ((Hugs)) happy Easter!This is such a cool question because I can remember the exact movie. It was 'From Dusk till Dawn'. I was about 13 and me, my friend and her two brothers rented it out. ... Read More »

What's a movie that you fell asleep the first time you watched it, but gave it another try and loved it?

Raging Bull. I was young when I first watched it, and hated it. Then I gave it another try when I became a "movie buff", and obviously loved it.I was thinking about how underrated Miller's Crossing... Read More »

When can True Blood season 2 be watched on HBO?

When is the last time you watched your favorite movie?

Life of Brian: about a week agoBQ: It's not? I live in CT and they've been showing commercials for it... movies where the title is a measurement of time don't usually thrill me, but it does look cool