How long did the Battle of the Alamo last?

Answer The Battle of the Alamo began on February 23, 1836, when Santa Ana's troops first arrived in San Antonio. The Mexican forces then launched a siege of the Alamo, a former mission in the city. The Me... Read More »

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What flag was flying over the Alamo at the battle?

Any of several different flags may have been flown over the Alamo at the battle. The only probable flag that remains is the New Orleans Greys company flag, reading "First Company of Texan Volunteer... Read More »

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What was the program called that used to be on Channel 4 years ago where contestants would recreate a battle digitally ie The Battle of Hastings?

How did the Alamo get its name?

The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, was originally known as Mission San Antonio de Valero. It was one of five Spanish missions established by Franciscans in he late 1700s and was the first set along t... Read More »