Who invented the first alkaline battery?

Answer The earliest alkaline battery was created back in 1959 by an Energizer scientist named Lewis Urry. The battery was checked for performance by using an alkaline battery and a zinc-carbon battery in ... Read More »

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Who first invented the lemon battery?

In 1800, Alessandro Volta discovered that an acidic mixture of lemon juice served as an effective conductor of electrons between two dissimilar metals. While the grade school lemon battery itself w... Read More »

Who invented the rechargeable battery?

In 1859, French physicist Gaston Planté invented the world's first rechargeable battery. His lead acid-based chemistry is the same technology used to make modern automotive batteries. In 1991, the... Read More »

Who invented the dry cell battery?

A German scientist named Carl Gassner invented the dry cell battery in the late 1880's. He received his first patent for the dry cell battery in the United States on November 15, 1887. Gassner's in... Read More »

Who invented the 9 volt battery?

Energizer Holdings, formerly Eveready Battery Company, introduced the first 9-volt battery (also known as a PP3 battery) in 1956. These batteries are common in smoke detectors and were used widely... Read More »