When was the band saw made?

Answer The invention of the band saw is credited to William Newberry of England in 1808. The band saw incorporates a thin, flexible blade that is turned on large wheels at a high rate of speed. When the s... Read More »

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What are band aids made of?

Band-Aids are made of nylon fibers that are embedded into medical cloth that has an adhesive underside made of epoxy. Cotton is covered with a plastic sheet with holes for ventilation; this coated ... Read More »

Anyone know who made a wikipedia for my band ?

Who made the biggest rubber band ball?

Joel Waul, resident of Lauderhill, near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, holds the biggest rubber band ball record (as of November 2009) per Ripley's Believe It or Not! Waul began construction of his ball ... Read More »

Who made the largest rubber band ball?

The World Records Academy cites Joel Waul as the creator of the world's largest rubber band ball. The ball consists of approximately 726,500 rubber bands and weighs 8,200 lbs. It is located in the ... Read More »