When was the ballpoint pen invented?

Answer The ballpoint pen was invented in 1938 by László and Georg Bíró, two Hungarian brothers. They used the same kind of ink for newsprint because it dried quickly without smudging the paper. The ba... Read More »

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Who invented the ballpoint pen, and in what year?

The invention of the ballpoint pen is credited to Hungarian brothers Ladislas and Georg Biro in 1935. Loosely using a patent by John Loud from 1888, the Biro brothers developed the first writing de... Read More »

Who invented ballpoint pens?

The ballpoint pen was invented in 1938 by a Hungarian named Laszlo Biro. He was a journalist who had the idea of using a pressurized ink cartridge in the pen. He eventually moved to Argentina and m... Read More »

How to Get Ballpoint Ink Out of Clothes?

Some stains on clothing can be removed with a simple wash in the washing machine. Others, like ink, require additional treatment to remove. Ink often leaves a permanent stain if allowed to set in, ... Read More »

How to Sketch With a Ballpoint Pen?

Aside from using a pencil to draw, you can use a ball point pen. Using a pen for sketching is the most convenient and least expensive method to use, especially when just want to sketch and draw som... Read More »