When was the ancient Chinese wheelbarrow invented?

Answer The exact date that the Chinese wheelbarrow was invented is not known. These tools have been used for centuries. Industrial Focus says the Chinese wheelbarrow was first depicted in the second centu... Read More »

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Who invented the ancient Chinese wheelbarrow?

The Chinese uphold a mythical figure named Ko Yu as the inventor of the Chinese wheelbarrow. Although they do not know when he lived, or supposedly invented the wheelbarrow, he was first mentioned ... Read More »

When was the ancient Chinese water clock invented?

Simple, bucketlike water clocks were developed in ancient China during the Han Dynasty--206 B.C. to 220 A.D. Water dripped at regular intervals from a small hole near the bottom of the apparatus. I... Read More »

Who invented ancient Chinese paper money?

According to the Silk Road Foundation, the Tang (618-907 AD) dynasty in China developed the first paper money. Initial currencies appeared about 800 AD. They were called "flying cash" due to their... Read More »

When did the ancient Chinese invent the abacus?

The Chinese first started using a 2/5 abacus (one with two beads on one side of a bar, five on the other, with several rows of beads) around 1200 A.D. Though the Chinese invented this modern abacus... Read More »