When was conference calling invented?

Answer Conference calling was invented by American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) in the early 1960's. The device, known as the Picturephone, launched the concept of conference calling as it is currently ... Read More »

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When did conference calling start?

The idea of the conference call originated around 1956 with the development of the picture phone. The picture phone set allowed you to see whom you were talking to on the phone with a small screen.... Read More »

When was the treaty in the Berlin Conference signed?

The Berlin Conference produced a treaty called the General Act of the Berlin Conference. The act was ratified on Feb. 26, 1885, resulting in the carving up of Africa into its modern borders for the... Read More »

What type of duties are fufilled when a governor represents the state at a national conference on water pllution?

What does Britney do if she is running late for a very important video conference call and a man is struggling with his access card when she arrives at the security door to her section?

What Britney DoesShe asks for the man's ID, verifies, and tells him he can't come in. She goes to security then to her conference call.