When was the Walkman invented?

Answer Sony first introduced the Walkman in 1979. The Walkman was a tape player without a record function, designed for personal use. It was first distributed in Japan to celebrities and young people befo... Read More »

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Who invented the Sony Walkman?

The Sony Corporation invented the Sony Walkman. The man chiefly responsible for the development of the invention was the company's then-executive deputy president, Norio Ohga. He became Sony's CEO ... Read More »

What is the person's name who invented the walkman?

Andreas Pavel, a German inventor, created the first portable cassette player in 1972. He called it the "stereobelt." Pavel developed the idea for the walkman when he was listening to music with fri... Read More »

What year was the Sony Walkman invented?

The Sony Walkman, a personal audiocassette player, was invented in 1979. This invention has led to the development of personal compact disk and digital music devices as music and recording technolo... Read More »

What is a walkman?

im not from the 80's but they had that on a 90's show "the fresh prince of bel-air" its like a really old music player