When was the Votes For Deletion process changed?

Answer It was back in 2005, supposedly because Votes for Deletion emphasized campaigning over the articles' actual merits (or lack thereof). The big mantra was "Reasons, not votes."Yet, when you look at y... Read More »

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How does a wikipedia article become a candidate for "speedy deletion" Can the deletion be stopped?

i agree with all the above ~butto state the obvious~some one reports the "lie"here is an example~…personally not much trust in ithope this helps

How has the computer build process changed since 1999?

yur less likely to break anything nowadays as things have been made more static resistant and generally idiot proof.the plugs and sockets are different.we have fans on our coolers now.thats about it.

Anyone received their IRS REfund when status was changed to process delay?

I first had refund to be deposited 1/25, then "there is a delay in processing your refund" recvd a cp-05 letter which basically told me nothing, would receive a refund or another letter within 3 we... Read More »

When is the vote of the association members required by changing rules in the association.the board of directors changed rules for the community without votes of homeowners. Is it lawful?

Please read your governing documents to determine what percentage of the membership is required to change/ amend/ alter/ adjust your governing documents. The percentages are different depending on ... Read More »