Ok what can i make besides a mini trojan horse for a project based on the trojan war?

Answer The costumes/clothes/uniforms they wore and representation of the ships or weapons they used, or a model of the city as described by Homer or as excavated (the 7th level I think?) by Scheilman(spel... Read More »

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Where can i get a free download program for trojan removal at no cost which scans and removes trojan?

Any antivirus software can remove trojans , but for removing some trojans you have to follow some instructions given on the antivirus company's website

Trojan horse small.bog when I open iTunes?

This works better...Open your AVG console, click Resident Shield, click Manage Exceptions, click Add Path, add C:/Program Files/iTunes/ and C:/Program Files/iPodNow, go to the control panel, click... Read More »

When using my paypal, my avast antvirus program detected trojan horses, what action(s) should I take?

People were reporting this on here yesterday, also they are reporting it on the Avast forum…So it's a false alarm. Wait for an update, which will fix it

How to Get Rid of the Trojan Bho?

Trojan BHO, sometimes referred to as Trojan.BHO.ab, is a Trojan Browser Help Object. Trojan BHO works by installing itself on your computer and recording your Internet browsing habits. Trojan BHO t... Read More »