When was the Toyota Prius invented?

Answer The Toyota Prius was invented in 1994 and went on sale in December of 1997 in Japan. The Prius was introduced worldwide in 2001.Source:Toyoland

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How to Tow the Toyota Prius?

The preferred method to tow a Toyota Prius is to use a wheel lift or flat bed tow truck. Sling type tow trucks should not be used. When using a wheel lift truck, the front wheels should not rotate:... Read More »

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How many mpg does a Toyota Prius get?

According to Toyota's main website, the Toyota Prius gets an estimated 51 miles per gallon on the highway, an estimated 48 mpg in the city and a combined 50 mpg. However, results will vary based u... Read More »

How does toyota prius work?

Introduced to America in 2001, Toyota's Prius was only the second hybrid gas/electric car ever sold on these shores. While it's fuel economy and technology are indisputable, the environmental impac... Read More »