When was the Tower of London finished being built?

Answer The exact year that the Tower of London was completed is not known, but was possibly around 1100. The tower is 90 feet tall. Its construction was commissioned by William the Conqueror and was built... Read More »

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How was the Tower of London built?

In 1066, William the Conqueror invaded England and defeated the reigning King Harold. He built a tower both as a symbol of Norman victory and to intimidate the unruly Londoners.The White TowerThe W... Read More »

Who built the first part of the tower in london?

The Tower of London was first built in 1066 when William the Conqueror gained control on England. The White Tower, the central building, was the first part to be constructed, and served as a fortre... Read More »

When was the London Tower Bridge built?

Plans for the London Tower Bridge were developed in 1876 and the bridge was finished in 1894. The bridge is built over the River Thames and stretches for 265 meters (about 869 feet). It was designe... Read More »

Why was the Tower Bridge in London built on a river?

Tower Bridge is one of London's iconic attractions, featured on postcards and most pictures of central London. Its location on the River Thames was no accident and came about after years of plannin... Read More »