When was the Pentium chip introduced?

Answer The Pentium chip was introduced in 1993 and was a 32-bit microprocessor used in personal computers. It is backward-compatible with earlier x86 chips, including 80386 and 80486 processors. The Penti... Read More »

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What year was the Pentium III introduced?

The Intel Pentium III processor made it debut in 1999. Intel produced Pentium III processors with clock speeds from 450 MHz to 1,400 MHz. The Pentium III is famous for competing with the AMD Athlon... Read More »

When was the Intel Pentium III introduced?

Intel introduced the Pentium III processor in February 1999. The first Pentium III processors ran at only 450- and 500-mHz. In September 1999 Intel released a faster version of the Pentium III, the... Read More »

What year was the Intel Pentium lll introduced?

Intel introduced the Pentium III in 1999 at initial clock frequencies of 450 and 500 MHz. The processor's improved performance over the Pentium II was initially largely due to the new Streaming SIM... Read More »

In what year was Intel Pentium III Processor introduced?

Intel records state that the first Intel Pentium III Processor, which had a clock speed of 450 to 500 MHz, was introduced in February 1999. It contained 4 GB of addressable memory, a 512KB L2 cach... Read More »