When was the Marine Corps created?

Answer The United States Marine Corps was created in 1775. Although it is a part of the Department of Navy, the Marine Corps is also the smallest branch of the United States Armed Forces.Source:U.S. Marines

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When and where is the Marine Corps Birthday Ball for Marine Corps Air Station Yuma?

This depends what squadron you are attached to. For example Mals-13 has had a few birthday balls in Las Vegas. Usually around the 10th on November.

Why was the Marine Corps created?

They were needed to provide Naval Infantry for a nonexistent US Navy which at that moment still did not own a Ship of the Line or even an armed merchantman. The Naval Service had a lot of work to d... Read More »

When was the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps established?

Marine corps recruiter said that need 15 credit from college to join marine corps is right?

You need to specify a couple things. I.e., enlisted or officer and what military occupational specialty you're going for. Requirements will fluctuate to meet the Marine Corps' manpower demands, but... Read More »