When was the Mac computer invented?

Answer The first Macintosh computer was invented in 1984. It had a mouse, applications in word processing and drawing, a floppy disk drive and a black-and-white monitor that enabled graphical use, which w... Read More »

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What did we do before the computer was invented?

there was more use of paper thats for sure .. actually i think the pc has mostly just become the new center of entertainment for the home .. life goes on albiet more simplistic to purchase things a... Read More »

Who invented the computer first?

According to, the invention of the computer, like any great invention, is the result of a few minds. The original idea is credited to Charles Babbage. The first actual computer is said t... Read More »

When was computer RAM invented?

Robert Dennard, a staff engineer in the research division of IBM, created one-transistor dynamic random access memory (DRAM) in 1966. DRAM later came to be known as RAM. Dennard continues to work i... Read More »

Who invented the very first computer?

I thought that it was accredited to Charles Babbage.Edit; I just found this name, KONRAD ZUSE (1910-1995)