When was the James Avery Victorian pearl necklace made?

Answer Jewelry designer James Avery founded James Avery Craftsman, Inc., in the 1950s. As of 2010, the company carries the Victorian Pearl Necklace in its current product line, offered in both 14-karat go... Read More »

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How do i contact chris avery of james avery craftsmen by email?

Visit the official James Avery Craftsmen website listed under "Resources."Click on the tab labeled "Contact Us 1.800.283.1770" at the bottom of the home page in the "Need Help?" section.Copy the Cu... Read More »

How to Make a Victorian Choker Necklace?

Victorian choker necklaces can be worn out to the club with friends or out to a professional dinner. They are pretty easy to make if you have the appropriate tools.

Victorian Pearl Hairstyles?

Victorian pearl hairstyles were popular fashion statements imported from Victorian England to America’s shores during the mid-19th century. Hair ornamentation was important to the fashion-conscio... Read More »

Who invented the pearl necklace?

The Susa Necklace is the oldest pearl necklace in existence. It is around 2,500 years old (as of 2010) and was found in a queen's tomb in southwestern Iran. Pearls have been popular decorations for... Read More »