When was the Council for Exceptional Children date website was established?

Answer At least as early as December 1996. See related links for the history of the organization's web site.

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Classroom Strategies for Exceptional Children?

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, an exceptional child is one who displays outstanding aptitude or competence in one or more areas of study. Exceptional students seem like ... Read More »

1960s Exceptional Children in Education Law?

Exceptional children are those with significantly below-average abilities or measurably above-average talents contrasted with other children. Children with conditions or characteristics that requir... Read More »

What was Black History Month originally called, who established it&when was it established?

In February 1926, the historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson established a week of celebration of African American life and history called Negro History Week. By 1975, the name had changed to Black Histor... Read More »

When I'm trying to update an app on my iPod Touch it keeps cancelling and saying Cannot Connect to the Store. A secure connection could not be established. Please check your Date and Time settings.?

If you are using a Wi-fi connection check your connection, router, and your computer settings. Check your firewalls sometimes firewalls may block certain communications.