When was the Bible split into the Old Testament& the New Testament?

Answer The Old Testament and New Testament of the Christian Bible have always been separate. There was no point where they split. The Old Testament is largely Jewish scripture. The New Testament includes ... Read More »

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When was the Bible first divided between the Old Testament& the New Testament?

The New Testament and the Old Testament are separate books of the Bible and have always been divided. The Old Testament was concluded in approximately 400 B.C. The New Testament began in about 60 A... Read More »

How old is the Old Testament of the Bible?

The age of the Old Testament portion of the Bible can be calculated back to the completion of the first book, Genesis, written by Moses. According to the Nelson Study Bible, Moses completed this bo... Read More »

Which Bible has the Old& New Testament?

The King James Version of the Christian Bible contains both Old and New Testaments. King James I initiated this translation in 1607 through the use of dozens of scholars. The Bible was made public ... Read More »

Who was Onesimus of the New Testament Bible?

Onesimus was a slave converted to Christianity by the Apostle Paul during Paul's imprisonment in Rome. Onesimus had escaped from his master, met Paul and became a Christian. Philemon, Onesimus' ma... Read More »