When was the 8 track recorder first invented?

Answer The first 8-track recorder was developed by Ross Snyder of Ampex in 1955. It was nicknamed "The Octopus" and was sold to guitarist Les Paul for $10,000. He used it to record himself, as well as sin... Read More »

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Who invented the first DVD Recorder?

Answer: "The First DVD Recorder was invented on December 2005 by Robin Woolum when Robin Woolum got a DVD Recorder at Wal-Mart near Richmond, IN 47374!!!!!!"

Who invented the first tape recorder?

The world's first tape recorder was the Magnetophon K1, which was originally released in Berlin, Germany in August of 1935. It was built by Fritz Pfleumer, Theo Volk and Friedrich Matthias.Source:M... Read More »

Who invented the first wind instrument recorder?

As with many musical instruments, there is no single inventor of the recorder. This instrument's development is traced back to the Middle Ages in Europe. The oldest surviving example of a recorder ... Read More »

Who invented the digital recorder and when?

I Did! When i was 5 years old i came up with an idea to record a persons voice.......BTW Im 12. LoL XD