When was the 8 track recorder first invented?

Answer The first 8-track recorder was developed by Ross Snyder of Ampex in 1955. It was nicknamed "The Octopus" and was sold to guitarist Les Paul for $10,000. He used it to record himself, as well as sin... Read More »

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Multi Track Recorder & Editor Effects?

Home recordists can create complex, high quality audio recordings with multi-track recording and editing software. Applying effects to these recordings is a way to add a little aural excitement, pe... Read More »

Who invented the first DVD Recorder?

Answer: "The First DVD Recorder was invented on December 2005 by Robin Woolum when Robin Woolum got a DVD Recorder at Wal-Mart near Richmond, IN 47374!!!!!!"

Who invented the vcr recorder?

Charles Paulson Ginsburg invented the first videotape cassette recorder. Leading the research team at Ampex Corporation, he introduced the recorder in March of 1956. The first videotape cassette re... Read More »

Who invented the soprano recorder?

The inventor of the soprano recorder lived in the Middle Ages, and his or her name has been lost to history. The first written record of the recorder was found in a 1388 document. Mr. Arnold Dolme... Read More »