When was steel invented?

Answer The invention of steel came about in the 13th century B.C. It was only put to practical use in 1855, when Henry Bessemer made it feasible to mass produce it.Source:Skyscraper Museum: Building A Sk... Read More »

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When was the pedal for the steel guitar invented?

A steel guitar is an instrument in which a slide is used to fret the guitar's strings instead of the fingers. The slide is called the "steel." The guitar is mounted on a low stand, like a table. In... Read More »

When was stainless steel flatware invented?

While working on a project to prevent rifle barrels from corroding due to acid build up, Harry Brearley noticed that steel with higher chromium content did not dissolve in acid. He produced a stain... Read More »

Who invented the steel windmill?

The first large steel windmills were produced some 30 years after wooden windmills were introduced to the American west in 1854. The very first all-steel windmill and tower was produced by the U.S... Read More »

Who invented the steel trash can?

It is unknown who first invented the steel trash can, but it is known who popularized it. In the late 1900s, the Parisian prefect Eugene-Rene Poubelle issued an edict that required homeowners to pu... Read More »