When was stain remover invented?

Answer Bottled stain removers as we know them today first appeared in 1929 and were invented by A.L. Wilson and sold as products of the A.L. Wilson Chemical Company. The company has grown and prospered ov... Read More »

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Where can you buy ace stain remover?

How to Test a Stain Remover?

If you're not sure whether or not a stain remover is appropriate for the fabric you want to use it on, try this method before using it directly on the stain in an obvious place.

What is the density of a stain remover?

Density represents the ratio between a substance's mass and the volume of space it occupies. Liquid laundry stain removers, according to one manufacturer's material safety data sheet, exhibit densi... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Stain From Nail Polish Remover?

Nail polish remover is used to remove difficult ink, super glue, hair dye and, of course, nail polish stains. While successful in removing many stains, the solvent may leave behind a faint yellow m... Read More »