When was the soda fountain invented?

Answer Soda fountains have been around since the early nineteenth century; the first soda fountain was patented by Samuel Fahnestock in 1819, only 10 years after the first patent for the manufacture of so... Read More »

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Who invented soda and the name soda?

According to wikipedia, soft drinks date back thousands of years when people began drinking naturally carbonated beverages.The word "soda" actually comes from "soda water" which is used to carbonat... Read More »

When you refer to soft drinks do you say "Soda", "Soda Pop" or "Pop"?

Soda Pop, and Pop are very old fashioned,(and a little foreign now) the "new" "now" way to say it is Soda...its just alot easier, won't get confused and recieve that notorious question "What is a p... Read More »

Who invented grape soda?

The first grape soda sold was the creation of J. Ogden Armour in 1911 . It was marketed under the name of Vin Fiz. He had Calbraith Rodgers market his soda by printing the name of it on the unders... Read More »

Who invented the soda machine?

The first fountain vending machine came on the scene in the 1920s, but the inventor is unknown. The bottle vending machine was introduced in the 1930s with the first Coca Cola bottle machine being... Read More »