When was rose wine invented?

Answer Rose wine was invented in 600 B.C.E. by the ancient Greeks. The traders of the city of Phocaea brought grapes to the southern portion of France during this time and began making rose-colored wines.... Read More »

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When was the first wine bottle opener invented?

Wine has been around for thousands of years but the process of using a cork to stop up the bottle has only been in practice a few hundred years. Samuel Henshal patented the first corkscrew in Birmi... Read More »

Do you chill rose wine?

On One Hand: Traditional Serving RecommendationRosé wines---also called blush or pink wines---are traditionally served chilled. The properties of rosé wines are very similar to those of white win... Read More »

Red / White or Rose Wine?

Rose Wine Alternatives?

Rose wine, also called rosé or blush, is a pink wine made with wine skins fermented for only a short period. It does not develop a very robust flavor and is best chilled and used before it ages. R... Read More »