When was rose wine invented?

Answer Rose wine was invented in 600 B.C.E. by the ancient Greeks. The traders of the city of Phocaea brought grapes to the southern portion of France during this time and began making rose-colored wines.... Read More »

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How is rose wine made?

Rose wines are made in the same way as traditional wine through harvesting, crushing and fermentation. The most notable difference is a process unique to rose during which the wine absorbs the pin... Read More »

Do you use a decanter with rose wine?

While decanting wine can be absolutely necessary for aged reds due to sediment, white and rose wines can also greatly benefit from being poured into a decanter. The flavor of rose wine, when mingle... Read More »

Red / White or Rose Wine?

Do you chill rose wine?

On One Hand: Traditional Serving RecommendationRosé wines---also called blush or pink wines---are traditionally served chilled. The properties of rosé wines are very similar to those of white win... Read More »