When was porcelain invented in China?

Answer Porcelain, a hard, white type of ceramic, was invented in China between 600 and 900 CE. Porcelain, which is generally considered more refined than other varieties of ceramic, is made out of kaolin,... Read More »

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Does porcelain china have the translucent look of bone china?

Both porcelain china and bone china are translucent due to the fineness of the clay and high temperatures of the kilns in which they are baked. Bone china is a hybrid mix of porcelain china and bon... Read More »

When was ceramic pottery invented in China?

A 2009 discovery in the Yuchanyan Cave in southern China dates the earliest use of pottery to about18,000 years ago. The pottery discovered is one of the oldest human made materials ever found... Read More »

When was paper money invented in china?

Paper money has been around for more than 1200 years. It first appeared in China in the year 806 CE as military scrip to be used as letters of credit when traveling. A paper money system was also u... Read More »

When was silk invented in ancient china?

While there is no exact date on record, it is believed that the Chinese invented the fabric known as silk around 2,700 B.C. Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. A cocoon can yield as much as... Read More »