When was pilgrim's progress written?

Answer The fable "The Pilgrim's Progress," was written by English author John Bunyan in 1678. In the work, the main character, Christian, embarks on a spiritual journey in which he seeks the "Celestial Ci... Read More »

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When were the Pilgrims first called Pilgrims?

The first Puritan settlers of Plymouth, Massachusetts, were first called Pilgrims by Daniel Webster in an 1820 patriotic speech. This speech idealizes the Puritans' travel to the new world, equatin... Read More »

When do Wolf Scouts get progress beads?

A Cub Scout who has completed the first grade or is 8 years old and has earned his Bobcat Badge may begin working on earning his Wolf Badge. During this phase, scouts can earn "progress beads" to r... Read More »

How to Improve Speed in Learning to Draw when You're Having Slow Progress?

Leonardo Da Vinci did not pick up a brush and some paints for the first time and paint the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper in one session. Drawing is a fun hobby - but it's also a skill needed to lear... Read More »

When was the niv written?

The idea to translate the Bible to the NIV, or New International Version, originated in 1965. Translation began in 1966, and the New Testament was published in 1973. After the Committee on Bible Tr... Read More »