When was pilgrim's progress written?

Answer The fable "The Pilgrim's Progress," was written by English author John Bunyan in 1678. In the work, the main character, Christian, embarks on a spiritual journey in which he seeks the "Celestial Ci... Read More »

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When were the Pilgrims first called Pilgrims?

The first Puritan settlers of Plymouth, Massachusetts, were first called Pilgrims by Daniel Webster in an 1820 patriotic speech. This speech idealizes the Puritans' travel to the new world, equatin... Read More »

How to Convert Written English to Written French?

Whether you want to send a note to French contact in his native language or are organizing a trip to a remote French village, you need to know how to translate English to French. Fortunately, the I... Read More »

How did the pilgrims put their settlement together?

In 1620, freedom from religious persecution motivated an intrepid group of people from England to seek out a new life in America. Thirteen years before, 104 men attempted and failed to establish a ... Read More »

Why do pilgrims go on pilgrimages?

Followers of religions from around the world practice pilgrimages to visit sacred sites and shrines. These travelers, sometimes called pilgrims, make their long trips on foot, in car, on horseback ... Read More »