When was pick-up sticks invented?

Answer There is no set date on when the game of pick up sticks was invented. However, the origin of the game dates back to a game played by Native Americans, who played it with straws of wheat. It is said... Read More »

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How to Play Pick up Sticks?

"Pick Up Sticks" is a game of medium skill and strategy. It is rare nowadays that anyone knows how to play this simple and old game.

Who invented glue sticks?

A company called Henkel invented the first tubed glue, in the form of what is now knowns as the glue stick, in 1969. The invention was inspired by the easy twist-up design of lipstick.Source:Pritt ... Read More »

Who invented stir sticks?

Stir sticks, or swizzle sticks, were invented in 1933 by engineer Jay Sindler. He was trying to fish an olive out of his martini without using his fingers when the idea of swizzle sticks came to hi... Read More »

Who invented light sticks?

Light sticks, also known as glow sticks, were invented by a chemist named Edwin Chandross. Light sticks rely on chemical reactions to produce light. They are used in military operations, dance club... Read More »