My friend started her period when she was ten. But i still havent started mine.?

Answer Do you have any older women relatives you can talk to about it? Or maybe a female teacher or guidance counselor? I will tell you that everyone starts at different times. I know girls who did not st... Read More »

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When was Pepsi invented?

Pepsi was invented by Caleb Bradham in 1898. Bradham originally served Pepsi at his pharmacy/drugstore, but in 1902 he decided to market it on a larger scale and applied for a patent (which he rece... Read More »

When was the Pepsi Center built?

The Pepsi Center was built between 1997 and 1999. It opened on October 1, 1999. The first event the Pepsi Center hosted was a concert with singer Celine Dion. It is also the home of the Denver Nugg... Read More »

When did pepsi change to corn syrup?

Pepsi made the switch to high fructose corn syrup in 1984 because of the cheaper costs. In 2009, the company brought out Pepsi Throwback for a limited time using the original recipe that included r... Read More »

What happens when you mix Pepsi and Mentos?

Mixing Pepsi and Mentos in a 2-liter bottle causes an eruption to occur, shooting the Pepsi straight up into the air. The experiment gained popularity thanks to numerous videos posted on the Intern... Read More »