When was palenque founded?

Answer The ancient Mayan city of Palenque was founded around 100 B.C. Located near the present-day southern Mexican city of Chiapas, the ruins of Palenque have become a popular tourist attraction.Source:M... Read More »

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When was Palenque discovered?

The earliest recorded reference of the ancient Mayan site was by a Spanish priest. Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada found the stone temples and plazas in 1567, and named it Palenque for fortifications.Sour... Read More »

When was Palenque built?

Occupation of the site dates back to approximately 100 B.C., but according to Mayan hieroglyphic texts, Palenque, Mexico, was founded on March 11, 431 A.D. Major expansion of the city began in the ... Read More »

Who is living at the Palenque in Mexico?

Although no one lives in Palenque presently, it was a significant ceremonial center in the Mayan Empire between 100 B.C. and A.D. 800. Archaeologists believe that Palenque reached the height of pro... Read More »

Who founded Baghdad, Iraq; when was it founded?

The city of Baghdad, Iraq, was founded by Caliph Al Mansur, who lived in the 8th century. There is evidence of civilizations in the area of Baghdad before this time, though not under the name Baghd... Read More »